Cancer Protocols and Dosage

A lot has been said about what might cause cancer, the latest reports say it is a combination of a bad diet, toxins in your body that you have not dealt with properly and a stressful life style. There are other reports but they all seem to have the same three things in common.

If you are looking for a better life to avoid cancer or if you have cancer or if you had cancer but did not find the cause of your cancer there is a possibility that the cancer will come back again. If you change your diet and your life style there is a very high percentage that your cancer will not return.

The people who have had good results in fighting cancer are those who have taken it very seriously by doing all the research they can or in case they are too sick, then someone in the family must do the research to help. You have to be very consistent in applying all the recommendations. If you are inconsistent with the recommendation, if you do just 50% of what you are supposed to do, if you think you have to commit to too many things, that it is too much or too difficult to do, then you are going to get 50% of the results or no results at all because you do not have your heart set on getting healed.

To get the good results you need a combination of Vitamin B17 – Detoxing – Supplements – Diet. It is important to get the combination of all of them because they all work together.

To have even better results with this protocol it is recommended that the person with cancer detoxifies the body and takes supplements as well as changes the diet 10 to 15 days before starting with the Vitamin B17 protocol. Remember YOU HAVE CANCER, not a common cold, so more effort is needed.



It is recommended if you have cancer to get the maximum amount of Vitamin B17 in your body in the shortest time possible, so you will need raw apricot seeds and Vitamin B17 500mg.

– You will need 5 whole kernels six to ten times a day, have one hour in between each serving per day. You can grind the kernel and take it in juice.

– You will also need to take six of the 500mg Laetrile tablets per day ( two tablets at breakfast, lunch and dinner)

There should be two hours between the kernels and the Laetrile tablets.

Always start with small dosage, that is, one kernel and half of the tablet and build up gradually. Take the tablets with food in your stomach to avoid nausea.

There are some side effects when you start taking the Laetrile and the apricot kernel, you might feel nausea and perhaps giddy and that is because laetrile is killing the cancer cells and toxins are released.

You may also have low blood pressure, so monitor your blood pressure in case you suffer from it.

YOU SHOULD KEEP THIS DOSE UNTIL THE CANCER IS IN REMISSION and only then start lowering the dose of Laetrile gradually over three months down to two 500mg tablets per day indefinitely. Also add 10 apricot kernels a day distributed 4 times a day ( breakfast, lunch, dinner, before bed) remember to take the kernel 2 hours away from the tablets.


Please note that whenever toxins are released you will have reactions because your body is trying to deal with it. This will happen not just with Vitamin B17, it will also happen when you do coffee enemas, MMS, juicing, candida cleansing or any kind of cleansing you do in your body. The unpleasant reactions are actually something good, no matter how bad you feel, just think that your body is actually cleaning and in a few days you will be fine and your body cleaner with less toxins and less cancer cells.

The toxins are sent to the blood and the lymphatic system and then through the liver, kidneys, skin and lungs, when the dead cancer cells are greater than what our body can handle then the toxic reaction occur.

It is important that you understand this before you decide to stop taking the tablets and the kernels. If the reactions are too bad that means you are very, very toxic (more reason to keep on the treatment), so what you need to do is lower the amount of kernels and tablets for a day or two or until you feel comfortable with that amount and then increase little by little again.

Some of the reactions you might have are:

Nausea, giddy, fever, headache, rash, runny nose, diarrhea, insomnia, lethargy, muscle pain, constipation, canker sores but remember that all these reactions will pass and it only means you are getting rid of the bad things in your body, thus getting healthier.

What you can do to alleviate the reactions in case you have them…

– Drink a lot of alkaline or filtered water (not chlorinated water) to flush the toxins faster.

– Consult a nutritionist (natural doctor) about advice on detoxifying process.

– Do not drink coffee or alcohol because they are hard on the liver.

– Cut on the number of tablet and kernel dosage and stay on it until you can increase the dose again.

– Eat a good healthy diet with lots of vegetable, no meat, no dairy.

– Take vitamin supplements and enzymes including raw pineapple.

– Understand that it is a detoxifying process which is just a way to get healthier.

– Walk or do moderate exercise and bounce in a trampoline to clean the lymph.


It is crucial to take pancreatic enzymes while you are on Laetrile (Vitamin B17), you will also need important nutrients that will help the Vitamin B17 work even better and these are:

1- Zinc (which it will be the Laetrile transporter).

2- Vitamin C.

3- Magnesium.

4- Manganese.

5- Selenium.

6- Vitamin A.

7- Vitamin E.

8- Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9 and Vitamin B12.


– Eat more fruits and vegetables, eat organic food.

– Include sprouts in your diet and any of the food rich in Vitamin B17 also mentioned on the site.

– Avoid white flour or any food that has it.

– Find raw food recipes on line.

– Check your body PH, cancer lives in an acidic environment.

– Drink lots of water, juices and herbal teas, add lemon to them.

– Avoid chlorinated water, get a water filter for your drinking water and a filter your shower.

– Avoid fluorinated water and toothpaste.

– Stop sugar or any of the sugar substitutes.

– Take good quality Multivitamins and Minerals.

– Get enough sleep.

– Use only sea salt or Himalayan salt.

– Avoid stress (find technics on how to do it on line).

– Avoid fast food, package food, food with colorants and preservatives.

– Moderate exercise is good for body and mind.

– Avoid chemicals in your households and personal care products.

– Do not smoke.

– Avoid car fumes.

– Educate yourself on how to have a healthy lifestyle AND TAKE ACTION.


– Take one to three 100mg Laetrile tablets a day.

– Eat 10 apricot seeds a day.

– Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

– Healthy lifestyle like the one mentioned above.

Always start with one kernel and half a tablet and increase the amount little by little. Eating the kernels is even better because it is raw food. Remember not to have the tablets and the kernels together, always get two hours between them.