Vitamin B-17 Cancer Cure

An essential ingredient for your natural cancer cure


The war on Cancer is a lie

Since 1971 when Nixon signed the National Cancer Act, the amount of cancer patients has increased and today millions of people die of cancer every year all around the world. In the USA alone more than 1500 people die every day due to cancer (According to Newsweek writer Sharon Begley). Just think of this, 30 years ago you might have heard of someone who died of cancer, nowadays you probably know several people who have cancer and you probably have someone with cancer in your own family. And it has nothing to do with a longer life expectancy, they say we are living up to 82 years old now, so we have to expect to suffer from some kind of cancer (another lie) because every year more and more young people and children suffer from cancer. The War on Cancer is a failure and it is not in the best interests of the Pharmaceutical Industry and governments to find a cure as it will put many doctors, hospitals, labs and researchers out of jobs. Cancer patients are a money-making machine so cancer is an Industry.

Scientists who are on the right track to finding a permanent cure for cancer are threatened or ridiculed and their research forgotten or hidden, likewise farmers are stopped from growing food properly, food that is nutritionally adequate as they are somehow forced to grow in conventional ways that are doing more harm than good as they use a lot of chemicals and pesticides on their crops. On the other side, we have those farmers who are growing organically but they have to face a long list of regulations in order to produce and sell their products coming from a healthy soil while the Big Companies control most of the markets and don´t have so many regulations compared to the simple farmer. That is why Grocery stores are full of poisoned products full of chemical, colorants, preserves and GMO.

Hippocrates The Father of Modern Medicine…

…said “ Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food ”, but it seems doctors have forgotten this important phrase. Many doctors are also not following one of the promises within the Hippocratic oath, the one that says “first, do no harm” or “primum non nocere,” ( Latin translation from the original Greek). Do you think that when a Doctor tells you that your only choice for cancer is chemotherapy or radiation he/she is following the “DO  NO HARM” rule? In these days with so much access to information if your doctor is still following that type of conventional way to treat cancer, then your doctor is not updated, and you need to be your own new doctor.

As so well said by Hippocrates; food can heal you, proper nutrition can heal you, supplementation of vitamins can heal you, because it is food in capsule form. It has been proven for more than 80 years of research that mega-vitamin supplementation can be used to treat serious diseases and it has been used successfully.

This is where Vitamin B-17 Supplements enters the pictures

Lacking nutrition can cause cancer and supplementing with Vitamin B17 can cure many types of cancers. In the book “World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin there is evidence that cancer is a deficiency disease – like scurvy or pellagra – aggravated by the lack of an essential food compound in modern man´s diet, like vitamin B17.

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